Who Should Not Use Binaural Beats plus Why

Using binaural beats will work for a great many people but there are a few restrictions that need to be considered to make sure that they are used successfully and used safely as well. Although you cannot hear the beats when you listen to the music, they can stimulate your mind and the result can be very powerful. And that means you should only use them when you are inside a safe place, you should be lying in bed or sitting in a chair. You don’t have to be home just make sure that you can provide the beats 100 percent of your attention. After all you don’t want to be driving down the highway while listening to the beats. They will prevent you from focusing your attention on the highway as they effect both the conscious plus unconscious mind and we need them both to drive safely. If you run heavy machinery or have a job that needs a lot of concentration you probably should not pay attention to binaural beats on the job.

If you have ever had seizures or a history of epilepsy you need to consult your medical practitioner before you think about starting any type of program involving binaural beats. If the tracks include any visual stimuli it would be prudent to fully avoid them as they have occasionally been known to trigger seizures in some cases. Much like anything that transports us from a mindful state of mind to one that is very calm an not focused on the surrounding environment, they should only be used when sober. Using binaural beats when under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs can be quite dangerous. It is widely known the the ability to make unimpaired and reasonable decision while using alcohol and drugs can be negatively affected.

When we use binaural beats we are trying to entrain the brains to function more efficiently and if we have been already clouding our brains along with drugs or alcohol it will slow up the effects of the beats. They may also cause you to lose control of your thinking abilities and induce you to take a step that may cause harm to you or someone else. Using binaural beats while drugged or even inebriated will only do harm to the body. When pregnant or if you have any medical condition, and you start using the is better than, it is critically important that you closely track and record any changes that you notice, either in your body or thoughts.
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Personally I have found that binaural is better than have always had a positive effect on my body but in some cases they could have a negative effect, on certain problems, and you need to be aware and stop using them immediately if you notice any.

Our thoughts, bodies, thought, and our overall health are all very closely interconnected and what happens to one part will have an effect or maybe the others. If you are fighting an actual or mental ailment, this will have an effect on the way the binaural beats will work for you. Listening to the beats while fighting an ailment can also have an effect on the ailment and you need to be aware and track the changes. If it is a positive change, that is all well and good, but if it really is negative it is best not to continue making use of binaural beats.

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