The vehicle Shopping Round Robin

At this stage in the car shopping process you’ve made your initial visits to a minimum of three car dealers and have obtained them to give you their best price in addition any administration fees. And you’ve gotten them to put it in writing somewhere even when on the back of a business cards.

The good news at this point in the car buying process is that you’ve done the particular lion’s share of the leg function and the most time consuming.

Your objective now is to take each one of the car dealer’s “best offer” and get them to go their price even more.

Now you could be thinking that you would want to start with the best bottom line offer and see if you can start to work them to go even lower off the price of the car. However , in case you start with the current leader, they really have no reason to go lower around the price of the car.

So for this part of the car shopping exercise you’ll want to start with the second best car deal which you have on paper and let them have understand that you currently have a bottom line number (including fees) from another dealer that you’ve been car shopping from for this amount.
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By the way… there is no need to embellish or lie about the amounts you have… and besides, if work truthfully, you’ll probably get a better deal anyway.

Give the #1 dealer an opportunity to at you with a better offer than the #2 dealer. If they perform that’s great.

Then talk with your #3 dealer and afford all of them the same opportunity to beat the current present that you have.

Be sure to keep careful information of all the offers and numbers then just move on to round number two in your car shopping around robin working just as you do in round one.

Just maintain working the dealers round after round until one by one they fall off and you have a winner. During the process you’ll no doubt hear something to the effect this price is only good for today only. Don’t be concerned about that. It will be great tomorrow as well. Car dealers have been in the business to sell cars and move their inventory, not to keep them.

Remember too that you are not going through this particular car shopping process to make friends. You’re in it to get yourself the most effective car deal possible. And the more competitive you can make it, the better the car deal will get.

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