The Evolution of Tea Strainers

Increasing fond of using herbal leaves to get concoctions, the ancient Chinese devised a modified process by adding an easy accessory: the tea strainer. Therefore, an incredibly useful tea making device began its history alongside, naturally , the birth of traditional loose leaf tea drinking.

Many people, especially health enthusiasts, around the world have adopted the practice of tea drinking owing to its calming effects and to its deemed health benefits. As a result, many different ways to enjoy the beverage have evolved. Commercially-prepared tea hand bags have become common since they provided people the convenience of purchasing tea from grocery stores, and allowed the easy preparing of a pot of tea.

Despite the widespread use of teabags the majority of people would still state that the loose leaf version of the drink, which is the use of whole or large-cut leaves, continues to be the best. It therefore follows that for many, making a cup of teas will not be proper tea unless they have got used a proper strainer.

A teas strainer is, of course , a tool to prevent large tea leaves from blending with the liquid infusion when it comes to drinking your brew. Spherical in type and perforated, it is usually placed on best or inside of the cup to capture the leaves while the beverage is being poured. There also exists a kind of strainer that can be placed inside the teapot as it is brewed and then removed launched ready to be drunk.

It is considered that the bamboo tea strainer was your first of its kind. Nowadays, sterling silver, stainless steel and china are the popular materials for making them. The sold product is either coupled with a teapot or with a cup. Seeing that it has cultural value, many collectors have surfaced and antique or vintage tea strainers have popped up online.

It’s without a doubt that the pleasure of drinking loose leaf tea simply wouldn’t be as great as it is now if the large leaves remained and if the tea strainer had not been made
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